Monday, January 19, 2009

Hooked on the Bachelor

Ok I remember the Trista and Ryan season years ago and have not watched in a while. I watched some last year with Deanna and Jason (whom she did not choose). Well since I heard ABC choose him as the new Bachelor, I have been waiting for the start of this season. He is a good looking single dad, and I married one of those, so I am sort of rooting for him to find true love. He seems like such a nice guy, has a three year old son, and has been unlucky in love so far. Will he meet the woman of his dreams? Only time will tell! So far I really like Jillian from Canada....I hope the cheerleader doesn't win! You can see the show and clips at


Wendy said...

I have watched all of the bachelor shows and bachelorette shows. I think he might be my favorite. From the previews, Deanna shows up and wants him back. I can't wait to see that one. I am glad to see that someone else watches it.

apinkpiggy said...

Jason is definitely a cutie pie! Thanks for blogging about him....I can't get enough of him..heheheh :) Same here, I can't wait to see what Deanna is going to say to him this time!!! She was nuts to reject him the 1st time around!

Amy F said...

He is a cutie!!